Rapid Resolution Therapy is a fast and highly effective solution to clear anxiety, depression, shame, resentment and PTSD. Based on brain science, RRT utilizes innovative concepts and multi-level communication to resolve emotional disturbance and destructive behaviors.

Past traumatic events leave a lasting impression, even if they cannot be recalled; however, they create lasting negative impacts and can lead to addiction, depression, anxiety and other dysfunctions. 

RRT accesses a deeper level of awareness, finding the source of dysfunction(s) and clearing of past traumatic experiences.  Improvements are often automatic within a single RRT conversation.  Clients report feeling amazed how quickly and easily they are able to shift to clarity, with improved energy, enjoying a new freedom and note lasting improvements. 


Dr. Jon Connelly, PhD, MSW, LCSW is the author of Life Changing Conversations with Rapid Resolution Therapy; a book demonstrating that a single conversation can dramatically improve one’s life. 

Thousands of mental health professionals have attended Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) training with Dr. Connelly. His students state that his training has enabled them to become much more powerful and effective healers. 

Dr. Connelly founded the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence, a non-profit 501-C3 organization, with the mission to provide state of the art clinical treatment to individuals who have been traumatized regardless of their ability to pay. 

His early career experiences as a child protective service worker and clinical supervisor in a program that supported teens who had experienced emotional trauma, childhood abuse or sexual violence helped to shape the foundation of RRT. As a result of these experiences he became committed to finding a way to relieve suffering.        


Lee Ann with Dr. Jon Connelly  at intensive training in  Rapid Resolution Therapy.